Every little step counts 

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Magaret Mead



No matter if you work in a fine-dining restaurant, a holiday resort or a small-town bistro – if you’ve introduced or want to introduce plant-based meals to your menu, are passionate about the matter or would like to develop your career in the plant-forward direction, you can become one of the #ChefsForChange ambassadors.

Join our community by filling in this form and wait for us to contact you afterwards.

Why is #ChefsForChange worth your time?

Whether it’s a Michelin reviewer or a journalist in The Economist, almost every major trendsetter has at some point identified plant-based cuisine as the thing – debunking old myths and reshaping the way we perceive food and nutrition. At the same time, the still-present (and growing!) overconsumption of animal products has been leading to an increase in cancer, heart disease, and obesity risks in millions of people around the world.

On top of that, intensive livestock breeding is speeding up climate change, while factory farms become the ideal environment for rapidly spreading dangerous viruses and bacteria. As serious as it sounds, the perfect solution to tackle these problems is right in front of us. The World Health Organisation urges us to eat more plant-based food. In Chefs for Change, we’ve heard their voice loud and clear – this is why we believe the change we need must begin on our own plates.

#ChefsForChangeInternational has an ambitious but – it can safely be said – realistic goal: delicious plant-based dishes available in every restaurant, bistro, café and canteen in the world.

Everyone is welcome to become our ambassador – both those of you who run a restaurant/bistro/café with a 100% plant-based menu and those who decide to introduce vegan options in non-vegan places.

Also, if you work on innovative, plant-based products that help push this change we keep talking about forward, you’re more than welcome, too!

Plant-Based Restaurant Guidebook

A mine of information about plant-based ingredients, plus interviews, success stories, marketing tips and over 100 recipes that always work – soon on the website!