Who are we?

Chefs for Change International promotes chefs and cooks willing to discover and promote plant-forward cuisine. The project was launched in March 2019 in Poland.

When in March 2019 we inaugurated the Chefs for Change project in Poland, it was a series of plant-based charity dinners that brought together the best Polish chefs who support the idea of more responsible cooking and promoting delicious cuisine without animal products. We’ve hosted 4 dinners that gathered together more than 500 guests across the country.

As the project’s been a big success in Poland, we’ve decided to start developing it on an international level. We want to build a supportive community of chefs and cooks to inspire, educate, and encourage restaurants and dining facilities worldwide to start offering plant-based meals.

Where did we get this idea?

After talking to many chefs and cooks, we realized that all of us have the same goal. Scientists all over the world are finally coming to an agreement on the fact that plant-based diets are healthier and more environmentally friendly than the ones based mostly on animal products. In the latest IPCC report, the UN is urging us to eat more green, and overconsumption of animal products has proven to lead to an increase in cancer, heart disease and obesity risks.

Many of us already do or plan to have children – it’s worth taking more care of their future that will be directly affected with what we serve on their plates. Even now more than 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the food system, 80% (!) of which is related to animal production itself – and these numbers are still on the rise.

We believe that chefs, cooks and anyone working in food service can spark the change for more sustainability in the way we eat. According to scientists, a planetary diet focused mainly on plant-based foods can save at least 11 million people who die from unhealthy eating habits annually, at the same time preventing climate catastrophe that threatens us right now. Chefs for Change aims at building a strong community of chefs and cooks who introduce plant-based options to their menus, broaden their knowledge of vegan cuisine, and are willing to support the development of new food system which will benefit the environment, our collective health and, for obvious reasons, farm animal welfare. On top of that there is also the huge marketing potential of plant-based dishes that have never been more popular than today – yet another perk of having them in the offer. 

Still, the reasons why new ambassadors join the project are secondary – every professional open to giving plants a try is welcome in the Chefs for Change team.

Tomasz Olewski Chef (Poznań, Concordia Taste):
Why do I want to change?

Plant-Based Restaurant Guidebook

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